What is baudline?
Mystery Signal
May 1st 2022
Baudline now supports:
  • Software Defined Radio (SDR) hardware
  • Mac OS X Monterey (12.3)
  • XQuartz 2.8.1
  • Apple M1 ARM silicon

December 15th 2020
ALSA A focus on audio.  The subscription baudline 1.09 has the following additions:
  • Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) driver support
  • Pulse Audio driver support
  • Ported to Raspberry Pi ARM systems
  • Works on Mac OS X Catalina (10.15)
  • Now works with XQuartz 2.7.11
  • Some JACK and Core Audio bug fixes
  • Improved audio playback latency

January 1st 2019
The new baudline 1.09 is available via a subscription model and site license.   Please contact SigBlips for more information about baudline licensing, services, and support.

October 12th 2013
QPSK A new and improved version of baudline is about to go beta.  The next baudline is:
  • significantly faster
  • has higher quality graphics
  • 16M point FFTs
  • bigger 64-bit sample buffers
  • new XY / IQ display
  • hex dump display
  • and more
For a sneak peak see the baudline twitter photos. It is totally awesome.  Check back soon. 

September 27th 2010
It was ten years ago today that baudline was released to the world.  Happy 10th birthday baudline!

What a fantastic ten years it has been.  I've met many wonderful people who have done amazing things with baudline.  They have helped take baudline in new directions and into fields that I've never imagined such as cryptanalysis and network packet monitoring.

My hope for the next ten years is that baudline helps some smart person somewhere discover gravitational waves, dark matter, the Higgs boson, or maybe even SETI.  Who knows what the future has in store?  It could be you.  So all you baudliners out there go forth and Explore, Analyze, and Discover.

July 21st 2010
The baudline 1.08 release adds several new DSP transforms and a port to the Mac OS X operating system.

  • Ported baudline to Mac OS X (10.5 and 10.6).
  • Added the blip Fourier, transfer function, and impulse response transforms.
  • Added left and right mouse wheel tilt controls.
  • Removed the libXp dependency for Linux/FreeBSD.
  • Fixed a large number of bugs.

December 18th 2007
The latest baudline 1.07 is a general maintenance release.

  • Added the Play Deck equalization feature.
  • Ported baudline to the x86_64 architecture.
  • Optimized PPC and SPARC ports for a +4% performance boost.
  • Fixed several problems with the play deck, equalization, average, histogram, and auto drift integrator windows.
  • Fixed two problems with the stdin feature.
  • Removed some extraneous widget warnings.

July 16th 2007
The latest baudline 1.06 is a general maintenance release.

  • The Linux PPC port now supports JACK.
  • Fixed a work buffer allocation segfault caused by multiple audio devices.
  • Fixed a rare non-reseting of the Output Devices sample rate estimate validity (red) on record.
  • Fixed measurement paste variability when using multiple threads.
  • Fixed spectrogram drawing remap when spectrogram is disabled in pause.
  • Fixed incorrect Hz measurement value when spectrum display is disabled.
  • Fixed unresponsive drift rate changes while recording.
  • Fixed magnitude'' and magnitude''' space algorithms.
  • Fixed incorrect potential_drops incrementing when decimation is >= 256.
  • Fixed a low sample rate segfault caused by setting the polyphase resampler.
  • Fixed a FIFO buffer size problem when -threads 32

March 30th 2007
A faster and leaner baudline 1.05 raises the signal analysis performance bar to the next level.

  • Added support for multi-threading.  Baudline will automatically work with up to 32 cores. See -threads and -pipeline for more information.
  • Drastic reduction of virtual memory usage.  When running jackd in RT (real-time) mode the resident memory requirements are reduced by up to 74.5 MB.
  • Added an Average exponential decay and timer feature.
  • Restyled the Open and Save File windows to be simpler and more intuitive.
  • Improved user responsiveness when the overlap slider is reduced.
  • Two JACK fixes; a high load freeze up and the port map buttons in the Input/Output Devices windows work better with the defaults.
  • A couple other minor fixes and speedups.

November 3rd 2006
The enhanced baudline 1.04 adds support for a powerful new audio interface and a port to a new operating system.

  • Added support for the JACK Audio Connection Kit sound server.  See -jack for more information.
  • Ported baudline to the SPARC Solaris 10 operating system.
  • Added the -fullduplex and the -realtime scheduling command line options.
  • Added some negative digital gain boost menu values in the Play Deck.
  • Added automatic sample rate polyphase speed correction for loaded audio files.
  • Improved the Output Devices default and selection code logic.
  • Made several minor fixes to the Play Deck, Tone Generator, and auto drift.

July 13th 2006
The latest baudline 1.03 is a general maintenance release.

  • Fixed spectrogram timebase ruler syncronization and improved accuracy.
  • Fixed several extraneous Tone Generator and Play Deck audio blips.
  • Fixed some graphical image and ruler artifacts.
  • Fixed two problems with quadrature Equalization curves.
  • Fixed a rare quadrature segfault when loading stereo files.
  • Fixed a couple of file loading issues.  WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE audio files work again.

March 27th 2006
IBM Virtualization Engine Mark Baudline has been ported to the IBM zSeries S/390 CPU architecture.

Dynamically deploy the analysis of large data sets with Virtualization Engine and baudline's highly optimized remote X11 display.  The combination of IBM zSeries machines, Virtualization Engine technology, and the baudline signal analyzer make the perfect scientific visualization solution.

Please contact us if you have an IBM zSeries mainframe and you are interested in running the baudline signal analyzer.

February 22nd 2006
Two new baudline related Internet communication forums have been created. 

The first is the baudline Google Group.  It is a user group for asking questions, sharing information, collaborating, and discussing analysis techniques.  Mailing list subscription by email is an option.  You can join

The second is the official baudline blog which is a place to keep tabs on what's cookin' at the SigBlip labs.  Crazy stuff.  Not company sponsored, or is it?  Check out

February 8th 2006
IBM Systems with Linux Mark New spectrogram transforms and a PowerPC port are the main focus of the baudline 1.02 release.

what's new
  • Ported baudline to the PowerPC architecture and obtained IBM iSeries and pSeries with Linux technical validation.
  • Added bit Raster, sample Raster, and Histogram mapping transforms.
  • Fixed spacing and scaling for the Auto and Cross Correlation transforms.
  • Added linear, logarithmic, and AGC mapping spaces.
  • Added the bits operation.
  • Added -operation, -transform, and -space command line options.
  • Added a numeric overlap slide size display and fine adjustment control to the Scroll Control window.
  • Added an off option to the optimum overlap menu in the Drift Integrator window.
  • Added a "-utc 0" command line shortcut for a simple zero baseline time setting.
  • Added harmonic helper bar Hz adjustments to the delta selected window for very accurate harmonic measurements.
  • Fixed 12 interface, operational, and display related issues.

June 23rd 2005
The latest baudline 1.01 is a general maintenance release. 

  • Many minor GUI (graphic user interface) improvements.
  • Enhanced spectrogram image quality by fixing Drift Integrator artifacts for zero, linear, and auto drift cases.
  • Added uHz, mHz, kHz, and MHz units to the frequency ruler.
  • Added AC coupling option to the measurement windows.
  • Added a 1/s (Hz) periodicity calculation to the delta selected measurement window.
  • Reduced baudline startup time which is a major improvement for remote connections like (ssh -X) with high ping times.
  • Added a sample rate PPM calculation and decimation gain option to the Input Devices window.
  • Added -basefrequency option for setting the input downmixer base frequency from the command line.
  • Added -noise option that enables a white Gaussian noise impairment of selectable amplitude to the output channel paths.
  • Added session memory for play deck notch/pass filters and gain boost.
  • Changed the Input Devices mono, left, right, and stereo user controls.

February 21st 2005
The baudline 1.00 release is a milestone that marks baudline's official exit out of beta.  Celebrate the big ONE-O with us and download baudline today.  The main emphasis of this 1.00 release is "quality enhancements."

  • Redesigned the load balancing algorithm for smoother frame rates.
  • Flicker has been reduced with a new double buffering scheme. (see -nodoublebuffer for the old behavior)
  • Better interaction with the kwin and metacity window managers.
  • Improved color palette modification controls and added user loadable color palettes.
  • Added sample rate estimation and calibration for improved time and frequency accuracy.
  • Added a capture screenshot to PNG image feature.
  • Some ALSA OSS emulation modifications.
  • Can now read nucleotide FASTA files.
  • Added a periodicity measurement window.
  • Added a paste operation to all measurement windows.
  • Added a measurement data logging feature.
  • Added adjustable raster bit width controls to the bit view window.
  • Fixed 8bpp color display problem.
  • Many other minor "quality enhancements."

January 24th 2005
xml Added an XML RSS feed for keeping up to date on baudline news, events, and happenings.  All baudline version releases, new mystery signals, major web page redesigns, ... will be announced on the RSS feed.  You can subscribe by adding the feed URL link to your RSS reader or by clicking on the live-bookmark icon at the bottom of your web browser (Firefox).

September 23rd 2004
The most recent baudline 0.99 represents some special work that was done for the AURIGA Gravitational Wave Detector project.

  • Added power measurements that work with a user defined frequency range.
  • A UTC time window which acts as an accurate clock reference display is new.
  • A cursor tool called the periodicity helper bars was added which is useful for determining periodic behavior.  There is also a waveform window version.  Both of these are time domain variations of the harmonic helper bars concept.
  • Added Hz scaling reduction algorithms.
  • Unique color and title command line options now make distinguishing multiple baudline sessions easier.
  • Added a reversed time axis command line option.
  • New operations added to the input channel mapping window such as reciprocal, logarithm, bit reverse, xor, magnitude, and phase.
  • Added arrow key fine tuning adjustment controls for both the harmonic and the periodicity helper bars.
  • Added a scientific notation units option for PSD measurements.
  • Added percent units to the THD measurement window.
  • Many fixes to the spectro and waveform xor cursors and crosshairs.

May 20th 2004
The main focus of the baudline 0.98 release is measurement.  The measuring of external signal parameters, internal signal accuracy, and CPU performance influenced the following changes:
  • Added a family of measurement windows that automatically display a wide variety of signal parameters such as delta Hz, SNR, THD, SINAD, SFDR, and sample clipping.
  • Added a dither feature that reduces quantization noise when doing 16 bit sample conversions.  This can apply to stdin, Tone Generator, audio output, and file loading.
  • Added a -nodither command line option that disables dither and restores the old baudline behavior.
  • Major CPU optimizations result in about a 30 - 40% speed up for most usage. 
  • Added a #count on screen display which reports the number of Average or auto collect Equalization slices.
  • dB reference changes for the Histogram, Waveform, Tone Generator, and Play Deck windows.
  • Several Tone Generator improvements such as reduced phase drift for improved frequency stability and better digital gain accuracy.

December 24th 2003
The release of baudline 0.97 adds two new major features along with a large number of minor improvements and performance enhancements.

  • Added a moving average Histogram decay feature that allows the real-time visualization of dynamic sample probability distributions.
  • Added a digital down mixer feature that can tune a chunk of frequency bandwidth to baseband.
  • Improved the mouse wheel control. All sliding widgets, the file selector widget, and the tone generator Hz widgets now work with the mouse wheel.
  • Improved the quality and performance of the decimation filters.
  • Quadrature signals now have a complex frequency axis ruler. (-Hz)
  • Removed the DC offset and Time Delay features from Input Devices window.
  • The stdin record data is now continuous.  Zero fill gaps have been removed between stdin record / pause transitions.
  • Some performance enhancements were made.

September 18th 2003
The latest baudline 0.96 is a general maintenance release with emphasis on file loading and quadrature enhancements.

  • Baudline now works with the Linux 2.6 kernels.  Fixed a /proc/meminfo format parsing bug.
  • Fixed a 12 and 14 point font size problem that caused bad widget alignments and on some distributions.
  • Fixed a mono only input devices problem that appeared with the 2.4.20 kernel and some USB microphones.  This fix also doubles the fragments headroom for mono input devices.
  • Added support for reading RIFF WAVE_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE files.
  • Added support for reading linear data files with sample sizes that are not a power of two bits such as 12 bit samples.
  • Fixed a comment and a header data corruption bug with Ogg Vorbis files.
  • The complex Fourier transform now displays both positive and negative frequencies.
  • Added the OFF transform for waveform and histogram only mapping.
  • Added a 65536 point transform size.
  • Removed the -dualpolarity flag.

April 8th 2003
Some new features were added in the baudline 0.95 release.

  • Added the piano keys window.
  • Added the -stdout command line option.
  • Added the -spacebar, -jumplock, -overclock, -dualpolarity, and -fragsize command line options.
  • Added 12000, 24000, 64000, 88200, 176400 sample rates to the standard list.
  • Added an amplitude envelope to the tone generator's Sweep and Pulse functions and they no longer produce audible clicks.
  • Added the |delta| operation.
  • Audio file saving is now 42% faster.
  • Fixed the Hilbert filter in both the tone generator complex channel output and the input channel mapping Hilbert operation.
  • The delta, addition, and subtraction operations in the input channel mapping window are now properly scaled and no longer clip.

November 25th 2002
Some minor cosmetic improvements are to be found in the baudline 0.94 release.

  • Created unique 48x48 pixel icons for all windows.
  • Fixed missing title bar window manager compatibility problem that affected WindowMaker, BlackBox, and Icewm.
  • The play deck control buttons are now anti-aliased.
  • Fixed auto clear toggle disabling bug in the Average window.

November 4th 2002
The new and slightly faster baudline 0.93 is a maintenance release.

  • Performed some minor speed optimizations.
  • Changed the default backing store behavior to favor image integrity over scrolling speed.
  • Added the -overlays command line option which allows changing the number of RGB overlay channel panes.
  • Fixed some issues caused by the KDE3 kwin window manager and the XFree86 4.2.x X11 server.

August 20th 2002
The two main achievements of the baudline 0.92 release are the auto drift feature and some special work that was done for the AURIGA Gravitational Wave Detector project.

  • Automatic Doppler correction searches chirp space for weak drifting signals with the new auto drift feature.
  • An extra digit of granularity was added to the drift rate control in the drift integrator window.
  • Perform anti-alias filtering on the decimated spectrogram time axis with the anti-alias spectrogram zoom feature.
  • An output device menu was added to the play deck window that controls automatic or specific device playback mapping.
  • The new progress bar window shows the current status and allows user halting of lengthy calculations.
  • Some new features have been added to the raw parameters window.
  • Added some standard input floating point formats.
  • Added the -psd and the -scaleby command line options.

June 6th 2002
The new baudline 0.91 is an incremental release.


  • The /dev/mixer# to /dev/audio# mapping logic has been improved, and as a fall back, a manual -mixer mapping command line option was added.
  • The input devices window now has all of the selectable input mixer channel types to choose from. Also, a number of active channels option menu {mono, left, right, and stereo} has been added to the input devices window.
  • The SB Live! audio driver in 2.4.18 works again but the trigger is broken so a new command line option called -brokentrigger was added that prevents a stall-and-recovery sequence on the Record operation.
  • The kernel /dev/mixer ioctl() chatter has been reduced, this is a slight performance optimization.

March 10th 2002
The greatly improved baudline 0.90 release is now available.


  • A transform cache feature was added that speeds up specific repeated calculations at the expense of increased memory usage.
  • A numerical parasite problem in the drift integrator that was caused by loud transients has been fixed.
  • Added a convenience feature that auto selects the entire buffer for manual pastes into the average and histogram windows when no data is selected.
  • Fixed Ogg Vorbis and flac file decoding.

January 27th 2002
Does this page look better?  All of the web page HTML layouts have been modified and are now more standards compliant.  This means they will now display properly on browsers other than Netscape 4.7!

There is also a new baudline 0.89 which is maintenance release.


  • Added automatic audio extraction for .avi and .mov files.
  • Added support for the new devFS /dev/sound directory layout.
  • Fixed a device mapping problem that was caused by USB hot-plugging.
  • Fixed a rare audio stalling at startup bug that affected only certain sound chips at high sample rates.
  • Fixed a log out session management bug that was introduced when drift integration was added.
  • Fixed a bug that added extra junk past the EOF when 24-bit audio files were loaded.
  • Fixed a bug with the Sawfish window manager that caused the pop down arrow preferences from working.
  • Fixed a data corruption bug when using the Hilbert filter.

December 13th 2001
The latest baudline 0.88 is an incremental release.


  • Fixed two bugs having to do with the tone generator accuracy of the least significant Hz digit.
  • Fixed a tone generator seg fault that occurred when using the pink noise 80 Hz LPF filter at some uncommon sample rates.
  • Added a sign bit clipping operation to the Channel Mapping window.

September 28th 2001
The baudline 0.87 release adds new functionality to the frequency axis and has significantly reduced memory usage.  Two weak signal features have been polished, and a number of bugs have been fixed as well.


  • Added a frequency scrollbar to the main spectrogram display.
  • Added frequency zoom scaling (reduction) to the average and main spectrogram displays.
  • Reduced the startup footprint by 1.6 MB, and large FFT sizes (> 2048) now allocate significantly less memory.
  • Fixed the baudline helper problem for "file names with spaces.mp3"
  • Drift integrated drawing is now nonvolatile, which means it can be zoomed, scrolled, and a screen refresh no longer forces a recalculation.
  • Fixed a special file open case when the equalization curve is reset to flat when the startup sample rate is different.
  • Unified <shift> + Home, End, PageUp, PageDown behavior for all scrollable windows.

June 14th 2001
The main theme of the baudline 0.86 release is "pulling weak signals out of the noise."


  • Added color aperture window.
  • Added drift integrator window.
  • Added equalization window.
  • Can now read work_unit.sah (seti@home) data files.
  • Better pink noise filter in the tone generator.
  • Spectral curves in the Average window can now be loaded and saved.
  • Fixed histogram crashing while mousing in certain window managers.
  • Added a robusto fix for the "/dev/audio read ERROR -1 != 256" message that plagued some strange behaving audio drivers.
  • Added support for 8192, 16384, and 32768 point FFT's.

April 23rd 2001
More audio file types can be loaded in the new baudline 0.85 beta.


  • Added input helper decoders for: lossless flac, mgetty rmd, and Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Can now load .voc and .pvf format files, files with ASCII decimal , 1 bit binary, and double precision PCM data.
  • Can now load raw data files with the raw parameters window and analyze them with the bit view window.
  • Added exhaustive MP3 sync search and proper handling of ID3 wrapped MP3 files.
  • Fixed some audio file read/write bugs;  correct scaling for 32 bit integer and float/double data, flipped sign and boosted gain of A-law and u-law files, writing of .wav block align field is now correct. 
  • Better loading of files with bad (incorrect) file size fields.
  • Fixed bug when recording signals at 62.5 samples/seconds (sample rate 4000 with decimate by 64).
  • Fixed paste data in histogram accuracy for small selections and select all cases.
  • Fixed zoomed spectrogram ruler (ms) refreshing while record/pausing.
  • Fixed the automatic resizing of the spectrogram width when opening files or enabling devices.
  • Selector crosshairs have been added for the histogram window.
  • Several optimization speed ups.

March 15th 2001
Many new audio file types can now be loaded with the baudline 0.84 release. 


  • Added file info window.
  • Added input helper decoders for: .gz, .bz2, .Z, .zip, MP3, ADPCM, and GSM files.
  • Can now load AIFF files, .au and .wav files with bad size fields, headerless .au files, and files with float or 24/32 bit linear PCM data.
  • Pasting data into the histogram window uses larger blocks and is now faster.
  • Pasting data into the average window now uses an optimum slide size which improves accuracy.
  • Added session memory for the file selector window, the play deck's keep pitch constant option, the output devices window option for the phono needle, and the waveform option for the orange windowing overlay.
  • The waveform window's cursor bar offset is now a function of the windowing shape.
  • Minor -stdin fix and added the -format type of u8 (8-bit unsigned) and be16 (16-bit big endian).
  • A fix to keep several visual displays in sync during a couple of rare and specific and conditions.

February 13th 2001
The latest baudline 0.83 is a maintenance release.


  • Fixed KDE2 kwin jumping and shrinking windows bug.
  • Added session management color memory for preferences and user colors.
  • Fixed 8 bit per pixel color problems.
  • Fixed -root desktop background wallpaper problems.
  • Added -nobackingstore option for troubled X Servers.
  • Several other minor improvements.

January 29th 2001
Slightly more polished and now fully session aware, baudline 0.82 is available for download.


  • Support for Run Command (rc) session management has been added which allows for the saving and restoring of system state between invocations of the baudline application.  In addition, named sessions can create custom configurations for specific tasks. 
  • Scroll bar flicker has been eliminated and general display flicker has been reduced.
  • The direction of the time axis has been flipped for loaded files so that it now reflects the true time index within a file.
  • The frequency (Hz) ruler divisions for the spectrum and average windows are now nice whole numbers instead of the old method of placing Hz ticks at Nyquist frequency/8 points.
  • Many minor improvements were made relating to GUI issues.

December 21st 2000
New baudline 0.81 beta released.  It's more standards compliant and it works better with the new generation of window managers.


  • Support for the X Session Management Protocol (XSMP) has been added which allows for the saving and restoring of system state between sessions in KDE2, Gnome, and other session managers. 
  • The sample rate detection and handling code has been improved. 96 kHz and 192 kHz rates are now supported. Audio card codec/mixer names are displayed.
  • Specific window layout and color related fixes for the quirky KDE2 kwin window manager have been done.
  • Intelligent window manager border size handling has been added so windows now fit better.

November 12th 2000
Download the improved baudline 0.80 beta. 


Long term reliability milestone reached.  Under a test that included real-time collection, tone generation, and dynamic GUI operation; baudline was able to achieve an uptime of one month with one billion transforms processed and displayed.  This we feel this is truly an impressive benchmark not just for baudline but also for XFree86 and the OSSfree audio drivers. 

October 13th 2000
New baudline 0.79 beta version available for download.  Please keep sending in those bug reports. 


  • new harmonic helper bars
  • new digital gain boost in play deck for quiet signals
  • new command line -modifier option for changing the hotkey from Alt to Ctrl or Meta
  • audio patch for the Sound Blaster Live! driver
  • fixed a problem that prevented operation with 3 or 4 audio cards in newer distributions

September 27th 2000 proudly presents baudline 0.78, a powerful real-time signal analysis tool for Linux.  Free beta now available for download.  Check it out.


  • mouse scroll wheel support
  • full duplex support
  • mixer patches for the 2.2.16 Creative es1371 driver

August 14th 2000 goes live.

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