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What is baudline?
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The old baudline 1.08 version is a available on this page.  The new baudline 1.09 is available via a subscription model and site license.  Contact SigBlips for details.

  Linux x86 baudline_1.08_linux_i686.tar.gz
  Linux x86_64 baudline_1.08_linux_x86_64.tar.gz
  Linux PowerPC  baudline_1.08_linux_ppc.tar.gz
  Linux zSeries baudline_1.05_linux_s390.tar.gz (old)
  Mac OS X baudline_1.08_macosx_universal.dmg
  Solaris SPARC baudline_1.08_solaris_sparc.tar.gz
  checksums md5sums.txt

  • Check the system requirements and read the license agreement.

  • Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris users:
    • Download the baudline .tar.gz file that matches your CPU architecture.
    • To uncompress and extract type "tar zxvf baudline_1.08_linux_i686.tar.gz" or manually gunzip and "tar xvf file_name" if your OS doesn't support the -z flag.
    • "cd" to the appropriate directory.
    • Type "./baudline" to run.
    • Use the 3rd mouse button to popup a control menu and explore baudline's many features.

  • Macintosh users:
    • Install XQuartz 2.7.9 or older.  Note that the latest XQuartz version is not compatible with the baudline 1.08 version.
    • Download the universal baudline .dmg file.
    • Open it.
    • Copy the baudline app to an appropriate location.
    • Double click to run.
    • Use the 3rd mouse button to popup a control menu and explore baudline's many features.

  • Install more user color palettes by copying the included palettes/ directory to your ~/.baudline/ directory.
  • If you encounter any problems while running baudline please send us some email.
  • The baudline executable does not require the installation of any additional libraries.  "It just works."
  • Baudline only runs on the Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, and the Solaris operating systems.
  • Currently only Intel/AMD x86, x86_64, PowerPC, S/390, and SPARC microprocessor architectures are supported.  The baudline executable will work on i386.  If you would like to see baudline support another chip architecture please contact us and tell us about it.

License Agreement:
  • This software is free and it comes with no warranty.
  • We are not liable for any damage caused by the use of this product.
  • You are not allowed to distribute this software.
  • You are not allowed to reverse engineer this software.
  • You are required to report any problems that you encounter with this software.
  • By downloading the baudline package you agree to the terms of our license agreement.
  • If you desire a warranty on this product and you wish to purchase a support contract then please contact us.

  • operating system
    • Linux kernel 2.4
    • FreeBSD 5+
    • Mac OS X 10.5, do not use newer that XQuartz 2.7.9
    • Solaris 10
  • glibc 2.2+
  • pthreads (POSIX threads) IEEE Std 1003.1c
  • 200 MHz x86, PPC, S/390, or SPARC processor
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 16 bit sound card
  • X11 server with 8 bpp graphics

  • 400 MHz x86, x86_64, PPC, S/390, or SPARC processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • multiple 16 bit sound cards
  • libjack 0.100 (optional)
  • X11 server with 16 or 24 bpp graphics and backing store enabled

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