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Mystery Signal
Mystery Signal of the Month   Jan 20 2005
We've got signal, but what the heck is it?
That's your mission.  Analyze this bébé.

mystery spectrogram                                                                                                                                                          

download the audio file 13.wav.gz

hints :

  • No need to gunzip this file since baudline can automatically uncompress files.
  • Setup baudline to be a Web Browser helper application as described in the FAQ.
  • Try playing the mystery signal at a slower quarter (0.25X) or half (0.5X) speed.
  • Use the Color Aperture window to focus and maximize the color resolution to the -10 dB to -60 dB range.  Changing the RGB curve shapes in the Color Picker window might also be helpful.
  • Explore the signal with the Histogram and Waveform windows at different zoom levels.  Are there any interesting and unique characteristics?
  • This is a 3 channel .wav audio file.  To listen to the 3rd channel or if you have multiple sound cards and are experiencing play back problems then open up the Output Devices window and adjust the channel enabling / mapping controls.

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