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Mystery Signal
Mystery Signal of the Month   Feb 25 2008
We've got signal, but what the heck is it?
That's your mission.  Analyze this bébé.

mystery spectrogram                                                                                                                                                          

download the audio file 18.wav.bz2

hints :

  • No need to bunzip2 this file since baudline can automatically uncompress bzip2 files.
  • Setup baudline to be a Web Browser helper application as described in the FAQ.
  • Slow down the play back speed to 0.125X or 0.250X with the Play Deck's speed control and listen for sonic details that would otherwise be missed.
  • Zoom into the time domain (Alt+Up or Alt+wheel) to see quickly changing clicks and rattles.  Try using the Kaiser window with a beta of 25. to improve the focus of the time resolution.
  • Improve visualization of the weak signals that are down in the noise floor by increasing the Lower dB value in the Color Aperture.  Setting the Upper parameter to -20 dB and the Lower parameter to -100 dB will nicely frame the color resolution to match the dynamic range of this particular mystery signal.

What is it?

Tune in next month for the answer and yet another mystery signal of the month.

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