Make DPL sound like 5.1

Posted by erik olson on April 09, 1998 at 18:25:12:

I posted this to the bass list but I thought it was highly relevant to the Lexicon DC-1 group, especially to all you 7.1 channel folks.

Logic 7 and seven speakers is awesome, but you can do this even one better.

Someone asked:

> > i tried the phase coupled activator (the second one) and it was awfull.
> > It was used with a carver tfm 25 amp ,jamo bx200 speakers ,a Sony
>> tae2000esd preamp ,and a sony cd player with digital outs.

> Thank you. I haven't heard any variable gain or octave devices that
> sound good, but there are so many claims to sort through.

I have the Audio Control Phase Coupled Activator series 3 and I think it sounds great. Set it to the lower 35-70Hz sampling range for 17-35Hz synthesis and you have more bass than you know what to do with. Tone down the mixing gain to a sensible level (about 9 o'clock) and walla, you have some bottom octave bass that wasn't their before.

Add in a Lexicon DC-1 with its Logic 7 algorithm and now you can make Dolby Prologic movies sound like 5.1 !!!

A subharmonic synthesizer needs to be used in moderation, like the Fifth Element DVD with its 5.1 track is bass ridiculous to begin with. Adding some bottom octave to that is just silly. Actually I think the movie might of been processed through a subharmonic synth once when it was made, it has somethings that are tell-tail subharmonic synth signs. Guess its time to break out that FFT again.


After some spectrum watching I and not seeing any doubled lower harmonics I must now say I was mistaken, The Fifth Element was NOT pre-processed with a sub harmonic synthesizer, it just has a lot a real heavy bass.

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