No sub, is AC3 LFE channel mixed into the mains?

> After reading the previous messages I still do not have it clear that if you
> select no subwoofer in your set-up does ALL of the .1 information get 
> channeled directly to your large mains (or even your LARGE  rear or sides).
> I am not questioning which is the best quality I simply want to know what is  
> electronically done in the processor according to the 5.1 set standards.

The LFE should be mixed into your L+R mains, but this depends on the manufacturer of your receiver. It could be like what the AC3 downmix on DVD players is like, they drop the LFE channel.

If you are curious as to what is done on your reciever I suggest you do a simple test. Play the Professional DVD (you have to select 5.1 from the menu) go to chapter 21 and listen to that monster 26Hz thump. Listen to the AC3 digital out that is decoded in your reciever. Now listen to the analog outputs on your DVD player. Are they the same or does the reciever 5.1 decoding have a lot more bass? Make sure you disable the "dynamic range compression" on your DVD player or it might taint the test. Your main speakers might also have difficulty playing a such a loud and low frequency tone, so be careful.

My guess will be that the LFE channel is mixed into the mains.

Good luck, let us know the results and next time please tell us the make and model of your equipment.

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