DPL does not sound bad

someone wrote:
> another story and argument) and Home Theater in the same breath, I must       
> say the quality of simple matrixed DPL processing available now has gotten
> at least twice/three times better than my Yamaha days.  

Thank DSP for that!
The new digital DPL chips have much better separation than the old analog
DPL chips.

> So much so that it is a decision I take actively everytime I play an LD,
> whether to listen the movie via DD/DTS or DPL. And I decide with
> anticipation.

Well I usually choose the DD or DTS version, but it is important to 
remember that the discrete tracks are sometimes a different mix than the
PCM DPL tracks on LD.  So sometimes a DPL mix might be the better mix to
listen to.   The Scream LD is the only example that comes to mind.

> My point is: Dolby Pro-Logic DOES NOT SUCK. Even if Zip thinks the
> DC-1 sounds bad.

Listen to the Logic7 algorithms on the DC-1, the channel separation 
is better than the standard DPL or THX modes and it can make a "plain old"
PCM surround LD sound like AC3!  I'm serious.  It won't be AC3 5.1 of 
course but it will sound pretty darn like it.  Better channel separation
and some stereo surround steering.  All thats missing is the LFE channel and
there is something we can do about that too!  I'm not going to say what it
is here because it will make Zip totally flip.  For the answer check out
my HT (home theatre) tips page at:
erik olson

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