Tactile Transducer Comparison

I collected this data on the Aura, Clark, and RBH tactile transducers in my search to decide which product to buy. WARNING, these are manufacturers specifications and manufacturer measurement technique can vary dramatically.

Transducer Specifications

Aura AST-2B-4 (pro) picture

Aura AST-1B-4 (regular, non-pro) picture

ButtKicker (original, now discontinued) picture

ButtKicker 2 "smaller, better, more responsive" picture

Clark Transducer TST 329F picture

Clark Transducer TST 229F

Clark Transducer TST 3710WT

Crowson Tech TES 100 picture

Aura Interactor Vest picture

Odysee Kinetic Home Entertainment of Quebec

Panasonic Brain Shaker Extreme picture

Phillips "Resonators"

Shakers by PSL

RBH FX-80 SubSonic Transducer picture

Rolen Star Audio Transducer (RSAT) picture picture picture

Specification Comparison

name cost continuous power max power frequency response resonant frequency impedence force (ft lbs) size
Aura regular $50 25W 50W 20 - 100 Hz 42 Hz 4 ohms 10 @25W 4.75x2.35
Aura pro $100 50W 75W 20 - 80 Hz 40 Hz 4 ohms 15 @50W 5.4x2.2
Clark 229F $300 100W 200W 15 - 17kHz 75 Hz 4/8 ohms 80 @50W 8x2
Clark 329F $500 135W 200W 5 - 17kHz 65 Hz 4/8 ohms 140 @50W 8x2
Clark 3710WT $700 135W 200W 5 - 17kHz ? Hz 4/8 ohms 175 @50W 8x2
RBH $150 150W - 15 - 90 Hz 43 Hz 4 ohms 70 @50W 4.75x2.75

Force / Cost Analysis

name cost continuous power force max force $ / max force
Aura regular $50 25W 0.4 ft lb/W 10 ft lb $5.00 / ft lb
Aura pro $100 50W 0.3 ft lb/W 15 ft lb $6.67 / ft lb
Clark 229F $300 100W 1.6 ft lb/W 160 ft lb $1.88 / ft lb
Clark 329F $500 135W 2.8 ft lb/W 378 ft lb $1.32 / ft lb
Clark 3710WT $700 135W 3.5 ft lb/W 472 ft lb $1.48 / ft lb
RBH $130 150W 1.4 ft lb/W 210 ft lb $0.62 / ft lb

shake for the buck (normalized)

name number cost watts force
Aura regular 20 $1000 500W 200 ft lbs
Aura pro 10 $1000 500W 150 ft lbs
Clark 229F 3 $900 300W 480 ft lbs
Clark 329F 2 $1000 270W 756 ft lbs
Clark 3710WT 1 $700 135W 472 ft lbs
RBH 7 $910 1050W 1470 ft lbs !?

Disclaimer: Again let me repeat, the above charts are calculations based solely on manufacturers specs, and since the different manufacturers have different philosophies on how these specifications are measured, the above comparison is utterly worthless. So basing a purchasing decision completely on these tactile performance comparisons and not on any other criteria would be foolish.

Some manufacturer supplied frequency response charts:


Note that the Aura Bass Shaker chart's Y axis is linear scale while the Clark's is logarithmic (dB). So while the charts may look very different they are in fact very similar.

Read the Tactile Transducer FAQ.